Free Moving Checklist

This Moving Checklist was created by Broadway Moving & Storage, Inc. to help your family plan their next move and ease the transition to a new home.

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4 Weeks Before Your Move – Moving Checklist

moving checklist

  • Take a tour around your home and decide what personal property will be joining you at your new home and what personal property you will discard.  Think about donating items that you may want to discard or having a yard sale.
  • Contact your doctors and dentist to ask for your medical and dental records.  This would be a good time to ask your medical professionals for referrals to doctors and dentist close to your new home.
  • Arrange for your children’s school records to be transferred to their new school.
  • Transfer personal insurance policies to your new address.
  • Check your homeowners insurance to see if moving is covered.  This would be a good time to talk to your insurance company about transferring your insurance policy to your new home.
  • If you are moving out of an apartment tell your landlord and ask for any deposits back.
  • Decide which items you will pack on your own and which items you will like Broadway Moving and Storage, Inc. to pack.  We also can offer packing material if you need some. Give us a call at (609) 396-4561.

3 Weeks Before Your Move – Moving Checklist

  • moving checklistPlan to discard all food in your refrigerator. Perishable items should not be shipped long distances.
  • Check and clear all tax assessments
  • If you plan on moving your major appliances it’s a good idea to have the serviced before you move them.
  • Broadway Moving & Storage, Inc. cannot transport aerosols cans, flammable goods, bottled gas or ammunition. Plan to transport them on your own, give them away or use them up before you move.
  • If you have pets to transport your moving agent at (609) 396-4561 for advice to safely ship your furry friends.  Do not forget to get their Vet records from their Veterinarian.
  • Notify Post Office of your new address, you can do this at your local post office or by visiting USPS Change Address.  Make sure you fill out a change of address for each member of the family who receives mail.  This would also be a good time to notify magazines and newspapers of change of address.

2 Weeks Before Your Move – Moving Checklist

  • Make any travel reservations you may need for your move.  You can contact Atlas World-Class Travel for help at 800-446-2077moving checklist
  • Fill out your Customer Responsibility and High Value Inventory Form and give this form to your driver.
  • Return library books and other items that you may have borrowed.  Collect items that you have lent to others. Pick up dry cleaning, collect items from safety deposit boxes and other items you may have stored at other locations.
  • Arrange to stop utilities and delivery services.
  • Protect your possessions during the move by disposing of fireworks, drain cleaners, gasoline, oil, cleaning products, acids and flammable goods.
  • Arrange to have your utilities turned on at your new home.
  • Draw up a floor plan for your new home indicating the locations of your future this will make the move go so much smoother.
  • Arrange for cable/satellite services to be discontinued and returned.  We are not permitted to remove satellites but we can help arrange for this service if you contact us at  (609) 396-4561.

1 Week Before Your Move – Moving Checklist

  • Transfer bank accounts and any other financial information.  moving checklist
  • Confirm travel reservations once again.
  • Make sure you have secured your payment method for Broadway Moving and Storage, Inc.
  • Set aside maps, GPS, flashlight, games, snacks and other items you need to bring in your car for your trip.
  • Start packing suitcases.
  • Drain water from garden hoses.
  • Get name and contact information for your Atlas Destination Agent.
  • Drain oil and gas from small lawn equipment.
  • If we are packing goods leave these goods in place.  For example, leave china in the china closet it is easier for our team to pack.

1 Day Before You Move – Moving Checklist

  • Put non-combustible cleaning supplies, toiletries and other items you may need first in a special box. This box is loaded last and is removed first when the truck arrives.
  • Finish packing all suitcases.
  • Defrost, clean and dry refrigerators and freezers. moving checklist
  • Notify family and friends of new address and contact information.

Moving Day – Moving Checklist

  • Speak with driver to make sure he has all the necessary contact information and paper work.
  • Check each room and closet for any items that may have been left behind
  • Make sure all windows are closed, lights are out and keys are returned.

Move In Day!

  • Welcome to your new home!
  • It is a good item to be at your new home before we arrive to make sure the utilities are turned on and your home is ready to be moved into.  This is also a good time to plan where your furniture will be placed.

Questions Regarding Our Moving Checklist?

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