Office Moving Guide


Packing Procedures


  • Any item able to fit must be packed into a moving carton. Fill the cartons as full as possible while still allowing for the tops to close completely.
  • Pack books, records and papers vertically. Lay Additional items flat. Do not pack liquids, breakables, or valuable personal items in this type of carton.
  • Letter and legal file cabinet contents can stay full; however, lateral file cabinets must be packed.
  • Desk drawers must be emptied completely.
  • Label each carton on the end with the packing labels provided.
  • Label each individual item in your office to be moved with our labels. The labels must include the name of the person or room number to designate the destination.
  • To prepare computers for moving, separate the wires from each component and then label each individual component. (For example: monitor, CPU, printer, cables, wires, etc.) Keyboards and removable printer paper trays, cables, mouse, etc. can be packed in cartons or keyboard bags.
  • The office machines such as faxes, copiers, computers, printers, coffee makers, microwaves, etc. are to be unplugged and remain on your desk or table for our crew. Remove any paper from printers and copiers. Small machines, like calculators, can be packed in cartons.
  • Telephones should be packed in cartons and tagged for destination area.
  • Any locking furniture should be locked and you should keep the key. Pieces that have locks but no keys should be taped open by winding tape around the exposed lock cylinder.
  • Broadway must pack certain items in order for Broadway to be responsible for safe transport of items such as glass tops, marble tops, pictures, lamps, shades and mirrors.
  • Broadway can not assume any liability for documents, currency, credit cards, jewelry, watches, or articles of extraordinary value, including but not limited to accounts, bills, deeds, evidence of debt, securities, or other such articles. Please move or remove these items prior to the day of move.
  • Each individual carton, piece of furniture and computer equipment included in the move must be labeled with your destination office number or name. All labeling should be done prior to moving day.



Loading & Unloading Furniture


  • In order to remove furniture from your present office, our crew will need at least a six foot wide path to our trucks. The route or hallways we will use to access your office will be pre-determined during the time of your survey.
  • Exclusive use of an elevator with a lock out key and special parking arrangements for our truck may be necessary.
  • Please identify and relay to Broadway if you would like certain offices, equipment, etc. to be expedited.
  • At destination, all furniture and cartons will be placed in the area where specified. Please have a plan of you office layout completed prior to moving day. Individual offices should also have a furniture placement layout available. This will save you time and expense.